Business Coaching

1:1 Coaching for „Senior Executives“

Reflection is one of the secrets of successful top athletes, coaches and CEOs.

No matter what stage of your career you are in, you will benefit from a safe space and a coach who knows when to listen, how to ask questions that generates new insights and who is aware of what kind of unbiased input will make you think.

In particular, the experienced, male managers in German executive suites who have come under public criticism often benefit from taking a new view of things and adjusting their leadership style so that it meets both the new framework conditions and requirements as well as their individual value system and strengths profile.

Regardless of the challenge you are facing, a clearly defined goal will form the basis for our collaboration. We will elaborate what hinders you to unleash your full potential and what mindset would lead to the desired behaviour you commit to. We will then focus on small steps and a few elements that make the biggest difference.

A typical coaching partnership includes 10 -15 coaching hours over a 6 month period.

“I cannot tell people anything, I can only make them think ” Sokrates

1:1 Coaching for „High Potentials“

Authentic leaders know their personal value system and are aware of their strengths.  They are also aware of how to use these strengths in the best possible way for the benefit of their employees and the joint success of the team. This awareness makes them consistent in their actions and behaviors.

Young, aspiring leaders will benefit from spending time away from the hustle and bustle of the executive suite to focus exclusively on themselves and to develop their own individual “leadership philosophy”. It will give them insight into which strengths to make even better use of, which rough edges to polish, and which things to accept.

A typical coaching partnership includes a half-day workshop followed by about 5-10 coaching hours to “anchor” selected behavioral patterns.

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming“ – John Wooden

Team Coaching

What applies to top-class sports also applies to modern companies. In an increasingly fast-moving and complex world, teams that work together effectively and efficiently are a decisive competitive advantage.

Successful teams – in sports and business – are characterized by a few elements that are mutually dependent and mutually beneficial. Give your team the opportunity to lay the foundation to successfully work together and achieve your ambitious goals in a sustainable and healthy way.

Benefit from a neutral and experienced facilitator and coach who supports your management team to build, adjust or strengthen the cornerstones of a successful team.


A common understanding of what collective success looks like

A clear definition of critical priorities and measures and a commitment to focus on them

Role clarity and a clear understanding of each member on their individual contribution

The ability to cultivate courageous conversations based on a high level of trust and psychological safety

A common understanding of desirable behaviors and mindsets supporting the overarching objectives

A commitment to respect role model the agreed  team values

Do not aspire to be the best in your team
but the best for your team– Brian Tracy