Markus Draeger

My motivation:

“Unfolding potential” – that’s what drives me. Whether earlier as an active athlete or later as a business leader, project manager, executive coach or sports psychological expert. Making a positive and sustainable impact on individual, team or organizational level has been priority in every assignment I took.

This motivation has accompanied me in my various leadership roles – be it in marketing, in the Inhouse Consulting Group or later in Human Resources (HR). And it drives me today when I work with executives, management teams, head coaches or competitive athletes.

Over time I learned how to shape change processes in a positive and sustainable way, how to develop high-performing teams and individuals and how to unleash their potential without burning them out. Leading global teams and group-wide transformation projects for many years gave me the opportunity to be “in the thick of it” instead of just observing it from the distance.

In my current role as executive coach, team coach and sports psychology expert, I pursue exactly this passion: Unfolding potential! I work in both worlds – in sport and business – and it gives me great pleasure to allow both areas to learn from each other, to offer a change of perspective, to create space for reflection and to make the success criteria of sport accessible to those responsible in business and vice versa.

In a nutshell:

  • 20 years of experience in leading global teams
  • Leading several groupwide transitions
  • Vast experience in coaching management teams, senior executives and high potentials
  • Executive Master in „Consulting & Coaching for Change“ (Oxford Universities/Said Business School)
  • Accredited executive coach (Association for Coaching)
  • Sportpsychological expert (asp curriculum)

For more details: LinkedIn


Sportpsychological Expert (asp curriculum)

Mental Excellence, Cologne


Executive Master of Coaching and Consulting for Change

Said Business School / University of Oxford


Executive Coach

Meyler Campbell, London


Accredited Foundation Executive Coach

Association for Coaching (AC)

“It is not the degree of ‘willing’ or ‘trying’, but the way in which the energy is directed, that is going to make the ‘willing’ or ‘trying’ effective “ – F.M. Alexander

What you can expect:

  • Every person and every team is as unique as the challenges and objectives they have.
  • Instead of sticking to one single coaching approach I draw on a broad range of different methods that fit the purpose.
  • I am constantly developing my coaching practice by combining levers from “traditional” business coaching with insights from other fields like neuroscience and sport psychology.
  • A fresh perspective will make you and your team think, act and develop.
  • A clearly defined objective is the license to get started.  A structured, almost clinical approach, will ensure that committed actions are being  implemented.  
  • We will focus on small steps and few elements that will make the difference rather than “boiling the ocean”